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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


On Saturday, December 15! And Santa's been holding it in allllll year!

Santa begins at noon at the Blue Star Cafe in Wallingford, stumbles and
weaves his way through the many fine establishments along 45th to the
U-District's fabulous Hotel Deca, then boards chartered (burner) buses to
Georgetown. More details below!

Stuff a pillow under your coat. Word is, the Pillow Fight Club is gunning
for Santa!

Bring a boom box. Santa's been invited to participate in loud, ambient ART.

Bring $5 to ride the Santa bus(es) from the U-District to Georgetown. Your
$5 gets you a collectible laminated bus pass, which features convenient
taxicab phone numbers, for the long, vomitous ride home.

Get Santa's whereabouts up-to-the-minute via Dodgeball:
Add "Ivan C." as your friend.

Santa's itinerary is simple, and subject to deviation. Like Santa.

Blue Star Cafe & Pub
4512 Stone Way N

Board the Bus
Parking lot behind the hotel Deca
45th & Brooklyn Ave NE

9 lb Hammer
6009 Airport Way S

Corner of Fall and Down

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